My family has farmed in Gladstone for five generations. As a state representative for Delta, Dickinson, and Menominee Counties, I will strive to represent you with the values I learned here: hard work, integrity, and community.


In these polarized times, we may not agree with our family and neighbors on every issue, but we still listen with and treat each other with respect. Lansing needs to do the  same and get things done for us. 

                                                                          ~Renee Richer


Renee Richer grew up on her family’s farm in Gladstone and attended Holy Name Catholic School and Gladstone High, where she graduated at the top of her class. She also ran track and was All UP Cross Country her senior year. 


Renee went on to work her way through graduate school, earning a doctorate in biology from Harvard University. Throughout her career, she has studied the impacts of the environment on human health.


Today, Renee lives across from her parents on the family farm with her daughter and partner, in an 1888 farmhouse that she operates as a bed and breakfast. In addition to mending fences, feeding the farm animals, and running her business, she also commutes to her teaching job at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in Marinette.

About Renee...


On the Issues

The UP’s water quality is critical for our economy and our way of life. As a scientist, I have spent my career studying the impacts of harmful pollutants on human health. Currently, portions of the 108th State House District face risks from toxic algal blooms and PFAS contamination. As your representative, I will use my experience to take a proactive approach to protecting our water supply. 

Repealing the Senior Pension Tax


After working a lifetime to earn a comfortable retirement, many Michigan seniors were saddled with a state pension tax they couldn’t have planned for and didn’t deserve. Repealing this unfair tax will put money back into the pockets of seniors to spend in their communities and help them afford prescription drugs. 

Lowering the Tax Bill for Working Families

Over the past decade, Lansing has handed out hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks to large corporations. Meanwhile, workers have seen nothing in the way of state tax relief. Lansing should not be filling its coffers with tax money from Michiganders who are struggling to afford basic necessities like healthcare and child care. It is time for our government to re-examine its priorities. 

Keeping Costs Down


Every year, insurance premiums go up and prescription drugs get more costly. I will work with anybody who is willing to roll up their sleeves to address the high costs of healthcare. Families need solutions, not political posturing, and every person in our state needs affordable insurance.

Ensuring Access


The UP’s emergency services, hospitals and clinics are critical for our well-being and our economy. Access to nearby services saves lives in emergencies, saves us from making long drives for routine care, and allows our seniors to age in place. As your state representative, I will always support UP hospitals and clinics. I would also look for ways to expand the range of healthcare services that the residents of Delta, Dickinson, and Menominee can receive close to home.

Expanding Mental Healthcare


As a state we have asked our local mental health agencies on the front lines to do more with less. The strain has impacted families and local governments, as the burden often falls on law enforcement to ensure the safety of those in crisis. As your state representative, I will push to restore funding to mental healthcare. I will also work with state agencies and UP hospitals toward in-patient mental health treatment beds in the UP.

Making Education a Priority


I’m proud of the education I received at Gladstone High School. I graduated ready to compete with students anywhere in the world. The best shot anybody has in life is a free public education. But the fact is, Michigan has fallen behind in delivering that promise to our kids.


Since 2010, our state has shifted $4.5 billion out of K-12 education funding to plug other holes in the budget. That kind of short-term thinking does not serve our students or help our state build a competitive workforce. We need a budget that honors our children and teachers and better reflects our values. 


Education for Every Career


Even as we defunded our schools, Michigan made education standards less flexible. Local school districts need the resources and flexibility to prepare students for any career they want to pursue - in the building trades, health care, STEM, or a creative field. I will work with UP districts that are rising to the challenge of offering those opportunities, whether they have a fifth year of high school to give kids a head start on a college degree or are offering professional certification programs. 

Fairness for Rural Districts

The Michigan school funding formula does not account for the extra transportation miles needed to bring UP students safely to school each day. It also doesn’t make allowances for the extra fuel we need to keep our facilities warm. Students in rural districts deserve the same educational opportunities as those without these challenges. As your representative, I will fight for funding equality for UP kids. 

Voters in the UP and across Michigan deserve to know that Lansing is working for them. Unfortunately, the Center for Public Integrity ranks Michigan dead last of all 50 states because our government has failed to adopt basic ethics and transparency rules. 


We must join the rest of the country in passing laws that reform corruption in Lansing. We are the only state in the country that exempts both state legislators and the governor’s office from the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA. State legislators should not be afraid to share who they are meeting and corresponding with as they make laws that impact every Michigander. 


As your state representative, I will fight for legislation to expand FOIA to include the legislature and governor. I am committed to transparent and inclusive discussions among stakeholders in Delta, Dickinson, and Menominee Counties.



No Corporate Campaign Money


In Michigan, it’s all too common for candidates running for state office to accept money from corporate interests, including insurance companies, banks, and for-profit utilities. It’s important to hear from everybody as we seek to improve Michigan’s economy, but these interests are not more important than you, the ordinary working people and voters. 


That is why I am proud to pledge that my campaign will take no money from corporate PACs. When I go to Lansing, I will owe nobody but the hardworking Yoopers who send me there.

I’m NOT in favor of defunding the police. The police are at the front line of the social challenges of poverty, homelessness, unemployment, mental health and substance abuse challenges. These social issues need to be addressed so our law enforcement can focus on law enforcement.


Protecting Our Water & Our Health


Tax Fairness for Families & Seniors


Healthcare that's Close & Affordable


Education for Every Talent & Career


Fairness & Transparency In Lansing

Statement on "Defunding the Police"


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